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Visual Grader Teachers Grader

Any grading app for teachers calculates percentages grades, but none have the attractive ergonomics, lovely colors,
and efficient grouped grades layout
of Visual Grader for teachers.

Letter Grades customized for teachers.
Grade scales available with any letter grades that Apple® mobile touch devices can type:
​even symbolic Chinese letter grade scales.

Grade a short quiz
or grade the whole grading period.
Visual Grader's grading range is
1 to 4,000 points or questions.

​​Visual Grader can add bonus points
​to grades or even curve grades.
No mathematical understanding required.
for USD 0.99 from App Store:
Choose grading colors,
grade sizes, background style,
and grade scales desired
to display grades for teachers.

Grading for teachers
is now
as well as functional:
relaxed grading for teachers
on Apple mobile touch devices.

More features listed
​on the App Store
Download FREE
from the App Store:
NOTE: FREE  Visual Grader Lite app (with iAds)
only available in countries where Apple carries iAds
​for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.​
Visual Grader,
​designed for teachers,
runs on Apple's iPhone®,
​iPad®, and iPod touch®.
Grading a 40 points assignment
(by points missed) on iPhone.
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​Apple Inc., Registered in the U.S. and other countries.
App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Grouped grades layout
ends tiresome eye scanning
and ​almost eliminates scrolling.

Only  Visual Grader does it.

Visual Grader, grading for teachers

Grading Fits Your Style